Steps to Midwifery

A Workshop for Future Midwives to Aid in Meeting Their Goals


image001"Bethany Stricker is a Certified Doula and Virginia native transplanted to Texas. She began her midwifery journey as a doula and gradually began assisting midwives. She felt her calling to midwifery at the first home birth she attended and started on her long journey of apprenticeship. She has experience with 12 preceptors and worked with many practices to complete her training including small home birth practices, large birth centers in metropolitan areas, and small birth centers in rural areas. Becoming a midwife was not without its challenges. She is passionate about helping women have their questions answered and see midwifery as a wonderful ministry and career option. Bethany desires future midwives to have a smooth path to midwifery with support, information, and problem solving skills. She plans to complete her midwifery academics through Charis Childbirth and receive her CPM and LM credential this year.”

Class Description:

Has midwifery piqued your interest, but you are not sure where to start? Are you confused by all the pathways and what all those letters- LM, CPM, CNM, CM, TBA- mean? Have you begun looking at midwifery schools but don’t know the right one for you? Do you need tips for getting through your current academic program? Are you struggling to find a preceptor or having a hard time in your current apprenticeship? All of these questions and more will be answered in Steps to Midwifery: A Workshop for Future Midwives to Aid in Meeting Their Goals. Through discussion, activities, videos, and more, all things midwifery will be covered including why the world needs more midwives and why there is room for you at the table, what midwives do and why it leads to such incredible outcomes, how to choose which midwifery pathway is right for you, picking the school that will best support you and your learning style, finding the right apprenticeship, getting the most out of your clinical experience, navigating the mountains of paperwork, processing trauma and difficult births, and being in the stressful season of becoming a midwife while avoiding burn out. If you are a current student in any phase or looking into midwifery for the very first time, this workshop is for you. A certificate of completion for this 8 hour workshop will be available.

A certificate of completion for this 8 hour workshop will be available for all attending. CEUs are available upon request. Please let me know if you would like CEUs when registering."


To register, email Bethany Stricker at

Cost is $100 ($150 outside of ATM conference) and can be paid through paypal, venmo app, or with check.