On behalf of the conference organizers, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to join us for the 2017 Association of Texas Midwives Annual Conference with Camp Allen as our beautiful backdrop.
lakecoffieldAwaken your spirit in the piney woods. Camp Allen is a modern year-around facility located one hour northwest of Houston. The hotel and conference center are located in a beautiful pine forest with rolling hills and two lakes. While the breadth lglakesideand depth of this year's conference will keep you busy, we encourage you to also take in all that this lovely family-friendly atmosphere has to offer.

This year we have an exciting line up of speakers who will be providing new insights into the importance of compassion in maternity care, postpartum depression, VBAC, dealing with fetal mal-position and mal-presentation and more. With expert speakers such as our keynote speaker Gail Tully, Bill Jack Davis, Evelyn Simmons, and Brielle Epstein, Lisa Thomas Welch to name a few, this conference promises to be full of both information and inspiration.

meeting_center_largeWe hope that this conference will allow participants to capitalize on opportunities to learn from fellow experts, make meaningful connections, and further the dialogue on improving midwifery care.

Be sure to book your room and conference through our website. All meals for this conference will be included.

We look forward to seeing you there!